Academic Projects

New Life

The story about the bond of friendship between two spirits, Bulhan and Suriyan, and their journey towards reincarnation.



The world of Opera is fading away, and the residents of Lirica have started forgetting their songs! To bring the spirit of music back to life and help restore Lirica to its former glory, Renatta will join with some new musical friends as they explore the world, solve music puzzles, and restore life to Lirica.


King Author and the Sundered Story

A storybook has been torn asunder and it is up to the eponymous King Author to piece it back together. Navigate through a whimsical world by sticking adjectives on objects to modify the environment around you.


Game Jams

Until We Reach Zero

until we reach zero title

After his life comes to a premature end in a car accident, Davian awakes to find he has nine chances to complete a trial of character and become a guardian angel. With his friend Kalle at his side, will Davian be able to inspire the uninspired before his time runs out?